The world of project management is saturated with agencies and consultancy firms offering a range of interim services. This is where Augmentas is different, a modern consultancy for the new era. We combine the strongest parts of a consultancy business and an agency, whilst adding a professional, managed service wrap to ensure the best results, every time.

The Augmentas way….

  • A Managed service led by specialists in project and programme management.
  • A unique preferred associate list (PAL) of known, proven and pre-qualified specialists.
  • Executive accountability and professional oversight for the duration of the project which ensures success.
  • Our technical library boasts a suite of technical documents pertaining to the full commercial lifecycle.
  • We lead from the front, we deliver together, we transfer skills and then…. we leave!

Augmentas understand that a “one size fits all” approach cannot work. We deliver a tailored, personal project management service, treating each client as the individual they are.