Case Study-Defra

The Customer:

A Government department responsible for environmental protection, food production standards, agriculture, fisheries and rural communities in the United Kingdom.

The Challenge:

DEFRA was working towards the EU Exit programme as they would be impacted quite significantly in terms of farming, energy, ports, import and export. A number of projects and programmes were initiated in order to satisfy the demands of the UK for Brexit, whether a deal or no deal outcome was reached. There were a series of contracts required and a series of programmes of policy provisions and emergency services that might be required at any time depending on the outcome of the negotiations.

Our Approach:

Commissioned by the Chief Executive and Exec Director responsible for Brexit, a two week study was undertaken after which, a series of findings and recommendations were provided, all of which were accepted. Projects were working disparately and visibility was poor meaning decision making was equally poor, being based on poor information.

A portfolio office was brought into action augmenting the existing civil service team, external contractors and Augmentas associates. Augmentas provided the two principal consultants to lead the team and the work which included executive reporting and governance for the entire portfolio. In addition we also provided a communications lead to ensure information provided was communicated accurately across DEFRA and up to ministerial level.

Augmentas provided a series of key resources – programme support officers or programme analysts based around the UK at key operational points: Bristol, Newcastle, Crewe, Birmingham and London. We also provided eight programme analysts, project planners and project managers throughout the service.